Dear Friends,

Touring The Montessori School of San Antonio for the first time as a candidate for the Head of School position, I found myself in unfamiliar school surroundings. Children were not sitting in rows of desks, nor were teachers standing in front of the class doing their best to hold students’ attention.  I simplified my observations by asking the same two questions that I would of any school. Are students actively engaged in purposeful learning? Are students treating each other well?  The answers to both were overwhelmingly affirmative.

My early impressions were echoed by MSSA’s recent Report of The Visiting Committee of the Independent School Association of the Southwest:

Grace and Courtesy are evident in the classrooms of the School. These qualities are modeled by teachers and not only returned by the children but evident among the children.

In the morning, children are happy to arrive at the School. The students are eager to begin the business of learning. Even with multiple activities in the same room, the students remain engaged. Everywhere you look, there is learning going on.

The words “multiple activities” are key to understanding the Montessori method. Montessori schools are completely about the child as an individual - - for over one hundred years, they have been getting differentiation right. I invite you to visit and explore for yourself the difference that learning in an environment of peaceful purposefulness will make for your child.

Best always,

Chuck Raymer